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June 08, 2014 

The rain is softly falling. Work at the Art Gallery is done. I have not taken a photo since last October. Now it is hard to get back in. It is a good rain, very soft, warm and comforting I am sure, for the greenery. I walk the garden under the shelter of a red umbrella; one I purchased as a prop for the novella. There are no more Koi.

Lost in an exceptionally cold winter probably do to my own negligence. I accept responsibility and offer fourteen candles and a lot of joss sticks for Buddha. Oh sure I could blame the racoon for disturbing the bubbler but I was the one supposed to either dive into the ice to retrieve it, to search around onto the freezing void like Mike Nelson until I found it or spend 15 minutes and two-fifty at the pet store where they carry bubbling wands, buy a new one and reattach it to the neoprene line, with the help of hot water if necessary but I didn't and the Koi are gone.

The livestock water hole ice melter did not help.

So now we are doing goldfish and flowers.

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