Commentary:    These images first appeared in Mikesjournal February 2004. Within six months a Google Image search for "Janet Jackson" gave "Janet Jackson's Tit" from Mikesjournal the #1 ranking. That was nice but was a killer in bandwidth charges. The little site was getting something like 4,000,000 hits a month. I had to resize the image and break the link. Fortunately people moved on. The entry explains point spreads and a lesson about gambling. The Teammates image reflects sportsmanship and friendship. Joel and Christian are best friends but on different soccer teams. After a hard fought contest they were still friends.    Commentary: OFF

Super Bowl Sunday XXXVIII

Sunday, February 1, 2004: Super Bowl Sunday. As a warm up to the Super Bowl XXXVIII Joel's soccer team The Crows competed against his friend Christian's team, the Blue Jays. Christian who wears lucky #13 scored the winning goal for the Blue Jays in a closely fought 2-1 victory.

We had a little Super Bowl Party here. I lost 10 bucks to Eric because the New England Patriots didn't make the point spread. I didn't really care as 10 bucks won or lost was just the price to keep the game interesting. I was really there to see the commercials. As a Canadian I have a natural tendency to go for the underdog so when Carolina got a tremendous touchdown late in the fourth quarter I was I was shouting Yeah! just as loudly as Eric for a combined good time. (He met someone named Carolina on summer vacation last year so that is why he was cheering for the Panthers.) Too bad Silver couldn't make it. I might have ripped Eric off on the bet but to be fair I taught him about point spreads before we started. There was more than a wee bit of Father Son bonding going on when the Pats came back in the dying seconds to win by a couple of points. At first disappointed at the loss Eric quickly did the math and came to me with his hand out and his face shining with victory. The commercials were fun as usual but I thought not as creative as last year. What with multiple ads for different erectile dysfunction remedies and Janet Jackson's tit the whole thing seemed uncomfortably too close to the internet for me. Alas! art reflecting life reflecting graffiti.

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