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#13 July 25 2009      Shar Ohio, :came across your journal today while looking for rain pictures. They are fantastic,
                                    thanks for sharing.
                                    reply: No thank you for commenting it makes me happy.

#12 March 7, 2009 F.D. Trenton NJ RE:    Poetry Reading Video - Quality issues

"Hi, Michael - . In this one, (MJ 8) your voice fades in and out and makes it difficult for me to hear. My volume is turned all the way up, too. But on your other videos of Vol 4, I can hear you just fine. In fact, I did have to turn the volume down a bit.

Is there any way you can increase the volume level on the Journal 8 video?

How do you makes these videos - what software do you use?"

*reply:  unfortunately the sound was recorded using the laptop's built in microphone which is not good. I have an excellent dedicated microphone but the jack did not work. When that is resolved we will re-record session.

We use imovie which is a mac application in ilife. look for more videos soon. We are hoping to record on location at upcoming live presentations to get the sound effects of the hall and audience. We may be adding music as well.

#11 March 7, 2009 - F.R. - Etobicoke, Ontario Re:  The Poetry Reading Videos

"I liked it on the web. I prefer to hear the poetry read than reading it myself.  I get more  out of it.

The images looked great too.

Keep doing the web stuff. Thank you"

#10-March 4, 2009 - M.J.   Savannah,  Georgia  RE: Journal Issue #8

"I received your Journal today and am thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you so much, Michael!!!!   This is a real treat for me. I can see why this issue of the journal generated a lot of comments.   It's just beautiful -- words and pictures."

#09-March 4, 2009 -     Stephan from Australia RE: Issue 8

"I've received the latest edition Mike, actually a couple of days ago.
I particularly liked reading pages 25 through to 28 as I can relate to what you had to say. As has been said many times, the images and design are superb.

Thanks Mike for giving me an insight into your world."

#08-March 4, 2009 - Roxanne from San Antonio,  Texas     Re Mikesjournal Magazine #8

"Thank you for the beautiful new journal. I love it. The story idea is great. I don't
know how you do this technique and probably wouldn't understand it anyway but it's awesome. I could maybe try this with paint but it wouldn't have the same affect. it's a treasure to have your journals. They keep getting better."

#07-March 03, 2009 - Donna  - Austin TX  RE: Mikesjournal #8

"I got the journal today and I loved it!  Thank you so much!  I especially like the poem 'Where Have You Gone?'  I have a nephew in the marines who's gone to Afghanistan.  I loved all the photos. I will cherish this journal as long as I live."

#06-February 27, 2009 - Don W. says:  RE: Free Magazine Offer

"You're retarded .The fish was obviously abducted by aliens and due to the light speed they were traveling at they misjudged the drop zone, let it go."

#05-February 24 - Stephen Says - RE: Mikesjournal Magazine

"Hi Mike,
             I received a rather large package in Mondays mail. On opening I found a few surprises, not only issue 7,   but 4, 5, and 6. I have only managed to go through issue 4 at the moment.  I have to confess that I was struggling when reading the words until I viewed the episode on you tube. The words, the inflections in the voice, the music, all combine to make  better meaning for the images and words. I do not know whether it is just me, but I need all the senses working in unison to gain the full impact.

Thank you very much for your efforts and sharing your creative abilities.
I love the way you are able to work with family on this project..."

#04-February 21 - Wes says:  Re Mikesjournal #8

"Dear Michael, once again, what a wonderful masterpiece. I just received the latest journal and have spent the last moments looking, feeling and enjoying each page. It is full of wonderful writing beautiful photos and great textures. I just want to thank you so much for sending it and do look forward to the next one."

#03-February 21, 2009 - Fran Says Re: Mikesjournal #8

"We received volume 8 on Friday. Thanks very much.  Just read it. Lovely pictures with interesting art direction.  I assume it's  photoshop that layers the photos to create the fantasy images.  Are all of the images from your original  shots?  (*note yes and yes)

It was nice to hear how much you enjoyed your workshop.  It sounded  like a deep and rewarding experience.   I hope you are sending this volume to all who  participated. Nice stories.  Heartbreaking Elk story.

Thank you very much for including us on your mailing list."

#02-January 22, 2009 - Sharla says:

"Found your picture of the blue hyacinths and was wondering if I may use it on an invitation for a widow's dinner that our church hosts.  Thank you for you time.      Beautiful Photos!!"

#01-January 21, 2009 - David D. Says:

                                                "I would like a Janet Jackson pic, signed and #'d."