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The Blue Door

Mikesjournal June 2006

The Blue Door

I stand before you and pause,

                A secret bow to that moment of fear.

                Oh lover mine I remember you were hard

                Now you surrender so easily.

                Oh lover mine I remember you and your friends

                How you betrayed me shamelessly,

                Books knocked to floor

                Shoulder smashed blue like my blue door,

                Echoed down the hallways laughter.

                Crashing into lockers laughter.

                Laughter mixing with the song of happy voices

                In classes filled with strangers

                While I stood alone comforted by dry and bitter tears.

                But here today Blue Door

                With the slightest pull you open to invite me in.

                All is forgiven?

                No lover mine I am not yours

                I am a stranger still before your Blue Door.

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