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November 16, 2014    Reflections and the kindness of strangers

Javier and I went up to the cabin for the weekend. We managed to finish the last stretch of the road. This was accomplished by Javier digging a huge hole by the side of the road. He extracted sand and gravel and tossed it in the road. I smoothed everything with the hoe. By the time he got down about four feet that was enough so he broke through from the road to the hole and all of the water rushed off of the road and into the hole.

 I was going to cut more firewood but the chain was too dull and I did not want to waste too much time changing it. There were snow squall warnings all week and I expected we would have to trek in 3 kilometres from the highway. That is one reason the girls stayed home. We were pleasantly surprised to find the drive in without any problems. It did snow all night however and by Sunday afternoon we could hardly see so we left early. Within 10 minutes or so I failed to execute an S-turn and the car ended up in the ditch. We could not get it out. A nice gentleman named Brian who lives near there came to investigate. He tried to rustle up a tractor but it had a flat tire and no gas apparently. We got through to a towing company in Parry Sound. They finally came out and hauled us out of the ditch. It took six hours for the tow truck to arrive. Meanwhile Brian let us rest and stay warm in his cabin while listening to the CBC and drinking his beer and listening to his interesting life stories.

Forest in Snow


Hauling Supplies by Sled

Wipe Out

Now Featuring -    Cottage Life

Click here for the story since we bought the cabin in the woods, late summer 2014


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