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October 19, 2014    Roadwork Continues

This weekend the girls stayed home and so it was just Javier and me. The river is higher than I have ever seen it so our lagoon is quite flooded and the little isthmus in front of our property is now clearly an island. The weather is distinctly fall-like. It rained all week so everything is quite soggy but on Sunday the weather was clear and sunny.

Although the thermometer read only 4 Celsius it was surprisingly warm in the forest. After an hour of digging it was necessary to remove our jackets. I suppose it is the high relative humidity and absolute lack of wind.

It was great news when Javier discovered  sand pits on the land quite close to the road (on the road actually). He was digging down to remove a big boulder and struck sand. The farther down he dug the purer it became. We seem to have an endless supply which will be spread over the squishy parts of the road.

Meanwhile now that the culverts are working my task was to follow the streams up and down, clearing the fallen logs and leaves that keep the streams from flowing and result in bogs and swamps. We have a natural slope from the swamp and it should be possible to trace the original watercourse and create a lovely stream and walking trail. The water table is very high. When Javier dug into the sand he struck water right away. I hope we can lower the water table a bit to eliminate some of the mosquito breeding grounds. Also having the water moving should keep it cleaner.

I finished planting the perennial bulbs. I got a big box in the mail from Veseys Seeds in PEI. Said to be shade loving, deer resistant, butterfly attracting beauties. We shall see in spring.

The Beach


Flooded Lagoon

Sand Mine

Backlit Fern




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