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Now Featuring Cabin in the Woods  - Winter 2015

February 28, March 01, 2015 --Back to the Woods
So for the first time this year we returned to the cabin. We came in the For F150 hopeful that we could get close but the snow was too deep and immediately we could see there was trouble. It meant a one hour walk to the cabin. Fortunately our neighbour rescued us and drove us the last half by snowmobile. The hard pack meant that we could walk out without snowshoes.
We had fun with the Ecofan which uses the heat differential between two pieces of metal to create enough current to operate a fan. The fan acts to spread the heat from the woodstove into the cabin more efficiently.  By the same manufacturer we tried out the Joi Light. This uses the same principal to generate 19 candlepower from a little tea light. The electricity is enough to run 8 led lights.
This week I posted two videos. Just click on the photo of the fallen snow or the Joi light to be taken to the You tube channel.

A lot of Snow

Minus 19 C
(Two below zero in non-communist temperature)

Joi Light -19 candlepower from 1 tea light
Click on the image to see the video


I Fell Down and I Can't Get Up
Click on image to show walking on snow without snowshoes

Walking on Water
(The frozen kind)

Across the River


Cottage Life

Our cabin in the woods, August to December 2014

  Dominican Republic January 2015


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