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September 21 , 2014   Planting in the Rain

It rained all weekend, sometimes heavily but we did not care. Andrew brought Franny and some boxes of perennials. He and Marisol planted them (not Franny just the flowers) around the cabin. They also found some pine and oak seedlings in the deep forest, dug them out and transplanted them near the cabin. The garden is starting to look great and the soil is very rich. The plants put in during the last two weekends are still fresh and green and so far apparently undiscovered by the deer.

Javier enjoyed the heavy rain because it helped to plot the watershed on the road. He dug one crossing to put in a culvert and was pleasantly surprised to discover an old culvert already there. That was cleaned out and put along with another. I carried bags of hardened cement with the wheelbarrow from the cabin up the road and dropped them one by one along the way. The sledge hammer got a rest until next weekend. I dropped about 15 bags before calling it a day.

It is too late in the year to season green wood for the fireplace but we need wood for winter. I concentrated on big deadfalls and river wood that got hung up on the lagoon during the spring floods. Many of the logs are bone dry and almost ready to burn. The chainsaw made short work of them but it was still quite a chore hauling the wood up the ridge with the dolly. The last 40 feet are almost vertical and the mud slippery with clay in the rain.

Marina found legs and a second drawer in the cedar chest. Javier repaired the hinge and Marina organized the cutlery. It seemed that the colours are changing by the hour. It was a nice weekend. A weekend with miserable weather in paradise is still a weekend in paradise.

Planting in the Rain


Flooded Trail to Cabin

Road to Cabin September 21, 2014

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