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Now Featuring: Fall into Winter at the Cabin 2015


November 21 and 22,  2015     First Snow!

Last week I could not visit the cabin as there was a lot to do in the city. This week my usual companions were also busy but I could not miss the opportunity to experience the first heavy snowfall so I went alone. It is a month before the winter solstice and it will be two months before the sun is this bright. I am a bit worried about the solar panels ability to deliver enough juice.
When I arrived, around 4 in the afternoon the panels were covered in snow but still charging about 13.4 volts. I brushed off the snow and the charge rate went up to about 15 volts.  The next day in good sun the panels were generating about 21 volts.
I was surprised that by six at night it was so dark outside. The little solar patio lights were out. They were covered in snow and unable to charge their batteries. I am thinking it might be the same for the cabin. By 9 or so in the evening the charge indicator showed only 1 bar (out of 5) which is the lowest ever. I got up at 6 in the morning. It was still dark but I cleaned the 6 inches or so of snow off the panels and started the generator. I hooked up the battery charge and ran it for two hours until the sun began to generate power. By noon the charge controller showed 3 bars.
The passive solar heater seems to be working. It was about -4C outside but still 0 C inside even though it was cloudy all week. With a few logs in the wood stove I got the cabin up to a comfortable 20 C. With the Ecofans on the wood stove and the Haiku fan gently circulating the air down from the ceiling the place was warm and cosy all weekend.

It snowed hard all night and I was a bit worried that I might not be able to drive out. There was no problems except for the tree that fell across the road. On the way south from Parry Sound to Barrie the roads were almost impassable due to severe white out conditions as the early lake effect snow came in off Georgian Bay. They will be skiing early this year if this keeps up.
Here are some shots of the weekend. I slipped and fell on my way to the river and the camera got covered in snow. I tried my best to clean the lens but it was somewhat wet for some of the river shots. I suppose it adds to the effect. (reminder to self - carry a lens cloth at all times. Keep the camera under the jacket!)

First Snow

Property Line
(The river level keeps rising)

Long Exposure
(image taken at night with camera on tripod - about 4 minutes)

The trouble with Solar



(A few weeks ago this inlet was dry)

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