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Now Featuring: Spring into Summer at the Cabin


May 11 to 18, 2015 - Long Weekend. Thank You Queen Victoria!

The May 24 weekend in Canada is traditionally the time people "open up" the cottage. As we never closed it we just continued to enjoy the place. Guest artists Andrew, Fran and Jose came up for the weekend. The workers cleaned out the trailer and Andrew painted it which made it look much larger.
Ranger Javier's leg still troubles him but he was able to get in some healthy relaxing time. Marina Loved the camp stove and the girls spend a good part of the time organizing and cleaning.
I tried a few times to contact the guy with the sand and gravel as our road is getting quite beaten with the truck. A few loads of gravel would set it right. I hope next week we will be able to do that. The solar panels are functioning perfectly. It was quite hot and sunny. At one point the charge controller indicated more than 15 volts incoming. We installed more lights and used the power to charge the drill batteries and run the reciprocating saw quite a bit and had power to spare. Next week I plan on bringing up the bar fridge.
I spent about six hours tilling the soil in a garden patch. It is backbreaking work because of all the roots and heavy soil. My back was a bit sore yesterday but I am fine today. There were a fair number of Mosquitoes but the black flies were not biting. We wore mosquito nets as part of the spring fashion.
The weather was wonderful, a little on the warm side but I am not complaining. On Sunday night there was a tremendous electrical storm in the distance and then by about three in the morning the front passed through with heavy downpours, great flashes of lightning and thunder boomers. Hurrah for Queen Victoria. Nature put on a fireworks display!



Cleaning out the Trailer

Andrew Rolling


Andrew and Jose

Spring Fashion

Spring Cleaning

New Ferns



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