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October 26, 2014    Roadwork Continues

The roadwork continues. Javier continued to dig away at the sand mine. He reported that the deeper he dug, the better the quality of sand. He excavated a trench about 3 feet deep, 3 feet wide and 9 feet long. The sand was piled in a low, very wet area of the road. I brought a dozen or so wheelbarrow loads down the road and spread the sand on another wet area with little effect.

Later I discovered the source of one of the streams which is the back end of the swamp. I started to clear the creek of leaves, branches and probably hundreds of years of root filled compost that forms the top foot or so of soil and completely blocks the natural flow of water. I believe if we clear the watercourse we should be able to drain the swamp. I won't completely drain it as there is a lovely pond which could be preserved for frogs and such.

We explored a bit more of the forest as we traced one of three natural creek beds upstream. I discovered a very nice stand of birch trees and also the source of the little creek that drains the swamp.

The weather is a lot cooler but we were able to keep the cabin quite warm with another log on the fire before bedtime and another in the morning. I put the coffee on the stove when I went out at dawn to fish and it was apparently ready about 5 minutes after I let. Perhaps I will stick around next time. Working outside in the cold is quite pleasant. No bugs. The denseness of the forest, even without leaves is a natural wind break. The relative humidity is also quite high so after a half hour or so of heavy lifting I was able to work in short sleeves quite comfortably.

We played dominoes at night to pass the time. (My team was beaten decisively two out of three games) Food was good. Oatmeal in the morning, potato soup and fire roasted quails for the meat eaters. The fruit and vegetable smoothees brought up from the city provided a lot of energy. 

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Cabin October 26, 2014



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