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Now Featuring: Spring into Summer 2016

September 17, 18, 2016  -  Last Weekend of Summer

We enjoyed the last weekend of summer. The weather was still unseasonably warm and we had time to do a bit of roadwork, electrical work and wall panelling in the cabin. There are hints of red in the leaves in the trees.

My main focus was the solar batteries. I am troubled that the batteries are no longer holding a charge. They are no longer even able to be charged even though last week I added an additional 300 watts of solar panels. The theory is we did not have enough panels to fully charge the battery bank. The batteries gradually get weaker and weaker until they die.
I brought 6 batteries back to the city in the hope that I could spend a week charging them. I removed the plastic screw caps and noticed that none of the batterys had any water! I gather that I was supposed to check them every month not every other year.  I used two gallons of distilled water in 6 batteries. This week I charged and equallized all six. I will bring them back next weekend and see if they can hold a charge.  Some internet sites predict that they are probably ruined. If so it was an expensive lesson. While wiring the new charge controller and additional panels the charge controller which was improperly fastened to the wall fell and struck me in the head. It caused a small wound but bled a lot. With the orange and black clouds I am almost ready for hallowe'en.

Javier thought he would remove a small stone that was sticking up in the middle of the road and touching the muffler of low hanging sports cars. The small stone turned out to be a gigantic boulder. With the help of Joel and the Ford F150 we were able to haul it out and roll it off the road. It left us exhausted.

The panelling of the cabin continues. I am getting tired of paneling. One day I hope we can go to the cabin and simply chill out.

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