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July 26 to 27, 2015    Short Stay - Hot Weather

Family obligations kept us home on Sunday. (Happy 15th birthday Melissa - Great party)
So we came up on Sunday morning. Absolutely no traffic. We returned Monday night. Most of the time was spent hauling gravel and covering the septic tank with topsoil. Javierlito, Marino and their friend Danny came up for a visit and helped out a lot by filling the truck with two loads of drain field gravel. I carried the gravel, two Home Depot buckets at at time using a dolly to the drain field. It was totally exhausting. 90 degrees, 90% relative humidity made us all sweat a lot.

Javier began excavating the bathroom. He made the floor frame and levelled it. He loaded many wheelbarrow loads of topsoil and covered the septic tank. I do not know where he gets the power. I dumped many buckets of gravel into the frame where the bath house floor will be. The plan is to lay a floor of cement so the gravel is to create a base, help level the base and to save on cement. We plan to get that part started next week.

Down at the beach I brought the Honda water pump, some hose etc and pressure washed the swimming area.  I cleaned a lot of the built up slimy clay silt so we have a nice granite walkway to the beach. The water was wonderfully refreshing. We spent the better part of Monday fooling around in the water.

There were some great photo opportunities but no time or when there was time no camera. I only managed a couple of selfies showing me very tired. One of the images has Javier over my shoulder.

Ranger Mike

Ranger Mike (Ranger Javier looking over the shoulder)


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