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October 13, 2014    Autumn Water Abstracts

I heard that when the group of seven painters showed their works many dismissed them as being too bizarre, too abstract. Such crazy colours and shapes! Yet in reality it is all there. Here is a larger shot of the fall colours being reflected on our river. Then I focused in with the 55mm lens on some close ups of the water.



Stary Night

For thanksgiving we roasted a big chicken over the fire. The battery powered turner seized up because of the heat after an hour. The bird had to be given a 1/4 turn every few minutes or so by hand after that. The meat eaters in the group said it was delicious.

Turning the Bird

The roadwork continued and very good progress is being made. Where we worked the last few weeks is quite dry in spite of the rain. We have three good culverts draining the swamp 24 x 7 and we just might be able to drive the car down next weekend. Javier's plan is to use the big flat granite pieces (of which there are a lot scattered all over the property) as pavers. He has excavated the trail and in the low areas carefully laid the stones along the wheel ruts then filled it in with a mixture of sand and clay.
My fear is that the first heavy frost will heave everything up and create a transmission ripping obstacle course for the car. We shall see. Meanwhile I admire his endurance and strength.

Granite Pavers

Here is the exit of one of the culverts. There were three that we found. All of them without maintenance for several years resulted in both ends completely plugged. This allowed the water sloping down from the swamp to engulf the road. Once excavated a bit the water now flows down little streams to eventually join up and drain out to the river. That is a lot of water constantly flowing twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

As it gets cooler the insect population is reduced. No more mosquitoes hurray! But instead,  Javier's traipsing around in the bush rustled up swarms of little flies. They don't bite too much (they do bite if given a chance) but they do swarm in the thousands and get into your eyes and mouth. Here is a dragon fly resting in the sun. The dragonflies are much more sluggish now that the high temperatures are only 8 to 10 degrees C.


As the end of October approaches the forest spirits become more apparent. Stripped of their summer dress they stand naked for those with eyes to see.

Forest Spirit Disguised as a Tree

Forest Spirit Disguised as a Tree (With flying Bat-like Sprites)

The forest is a living thing. Everywhere life in many forms quietly grows, lives, reproduces and inevitably dies. That means that the forest is also a place of death. Sometimes by natural life cycle, sometimes by violent surprise, death is here too. One cannot escape it by fleeing the city.


Magnetawan River Upstream



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