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Now Featuring: Spring into Summer at the Cabin


June 20 to 22, 2015    Solstice, Stuck in the Much and Spider Porn (Caution there will be spiders)

We worked on the road. The quarry sent over two truckloads of gravel and so we spread most of one load on the worst parts of the road. It is still too squishy. Javier installed three culverts. I lost control of the 4 x 4 and ran off the road into the swamp. It took over three hours, digging, plywood, a jack and Ranger ingenuity to free the beast.

It was solstice and father's day. Eric came up for me and Javierlito came up for Javier. Later the people next door came by for a drink and we enjoyed Sunday evening by the fire. A big spider caught a big June bug and we watched the struggle in fascination for over an hour. I was able to free the truck when it got stuck in the muck but I fear the June bug was not so fortunate.

Looks like the deer or perhaps rabbits are feasting on the garden. They delicately ate just the leaves of every bean plant. Nothing left. There is a good crop of potatoes, the tomatoes are growing as well.

Stuck in the Muck - Natural Parking Lot
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Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset 2

Canoe with Eric and Javierlito - Nearly Tipping!
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Ray's Place at Solstice Sunset

Spider Porn


Marina and Javier by the Fire

Cabin June 22, 2015



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  Dominican Republic January 2015


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