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Now Featuring Cabin in the Woods  - Winter 2015

March 21, 22 2015 -- Boiling the Maple Sap

So this weekend we came to see if our little Maple tree tapping project netted any result. It did. We got about five gallons of pure tree juice. It tasted like wonderful spring water with just a hint of sweetness and fresh clean soil. Lovely refreshment.  A couple of the pails fell over the week because they were too heavy. Some of the tubing was too long, got covered in snow and the sap froze, We sorted that out on Sunday.

So eager we were to start the evaporation that in spite of the late hour on Saturday I fired up the stove we put together last fall and we began to boil.  The first effort was a disaster. Everything was going well until about 1am then the fire got too hot and everything burned. Our syrup looked like bad motor oil. Tasted a bit like the stuff they pour over crème caramel.  I brought a quart of the water home and boiled it on the stove. This time it was reduced to perfect syrup. Quite sweet and not unlike honey. Unfortunately only a teaspoon came out of that entire quart. We try again next weekend.

The pink insulation was badly infested with field mice. I did not think it was a good idea just to cover everything with drywall so we ripped all of the insulation out and tossed it. Good idea as it was disgusting. The idea now is to wait until the place warms up a bit and spray closed cell foam insulation. That should seal up the entry points and add to the structural integrity of the building.

On Sunday morning I walked to the river. There I found a set of snowshoe tracks headed down stream towards the trailer. I thought that was our tracks from last weekend. I felt like Robinson Caruso upon discovering the stranger's footprint when I noticed the tracks did not head to the trailer. Instead they continued downstream towards Needles Eye. They were not ours! I followed the tracks which wisely veered away from the river when they approached the rapids. Needle eye this time of the year is a frightening, unforgiving roar. To fall in would probably be fatal. I headed back to the cabin with reverence.

Old Soldier is a solar patio light. We put this solar light in last summer. It steadily gives off light every night even though it was sometimes covered in snow and suffered many nights where the thermometer dropped colder than minus 30 degrees C.

Sometimes technology is amazing.

Cabin March 22, 2015
(note the pink insulation on the left)

Shadow in the Morning

Tracks on the River

Mysterious Bump in the Ice

View from the Trailer

Needle Eye Rapids March 22, 2015

Maple Syrup Evaporator Stove
(Click on image - Ranger Mike takes a little tour of the Maple Syrup operation)

Boiling the Sap

Old Soldier

Joi Light in the Snow
Made by the same Canadian company that makes the Ecofan.
Click on image to see the video of Ranger Javier discovering the only thing better than an Ecofan.

Walls after the insulation was removed.

Click image to see Ranger Javier explaining work ethic.
(Still in his space suit he was slightly disoriented having so recently arrived on earth from the Moon)


Cottage Life

Our cabin in the woods, August to December 2014

  Dominican Republic January 2015


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