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Now Featuring: Fall into Winter at the Cabin 2015


October 3 to 5, 2015     Getting Ready for Winter
Javier and I enjoyed a mild wet weekend. The rain was misting most of the time. In the evening it was lovely to hear the sound of rain in the forest. The interesting aspect was that it was not really raining. The mist all day was enough to collect water on the leaves and the sound of droplets was a symphony. I could imagine the scene in January. The mist would have been soft wet snow beautifully covering everything. It will not be long. I can see the weather pattern has turned. It is no longer summer.

Our big project this weekend was to start the spray insulation. It is getting a bit too cool for that as the chemicals have to be above 20 degrees C. We closed all the windows and heated the place for two days with a roaring fire and got everything up nice and warm. The spraying went very well but unfortunately one big kit is not enough. I will have to buy more this week and finish off the project next weekend.

We moved the solar batteries up to the platform from where they were under the cabin. It was a major wiring job as I had wired up the batteries wrong. I think they are ok now. We used the electricity for lights and the fridge, the satellite radio and music throughout as well as charging the cell phones and iPad.  I made a point of not being as careful as I might just to see. For example for a couple hours I left the lights on in the cabin even when we were not there. It was part plan and part careless practice but no issue whatsoever. Our lights stayed on and the supply indicator showed green all weekend.

Everywhere the trees are at peak colour. Javier's dahlias showed signs of frost burn. They are sensitive and it showed that at least one night it got down below zero. It meant a lot more firewood chopping. I got the bin under the solar panels filled and started an overflow. We also put up some plastic covering on the veranda as the north wind can blow quite cold through there. This year we are much better prepared. We have a supply of logs that were cut last year and they are nice and dry. We even have the supply cut for next year! Last year we were tramping through the snow to drag out soggy deadfalls that were very hard to light and burned cool.

I hope to see the large bull moose that wanders through the area. Dale saw it on Saturday by the river in front of the cabin. Apparently it had a spectacular rack of antlers.


River 2

River 3

River 4

Wash House


Ranger Javier wit the Campfire

Dopy Fire Ghosts Dancing by the Fire

Red Carpet

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