Old Photographs

June 2006: Photographs have fascinated me since I was a little boy and spent many happy hours pouring over black and white pictures kept in a drawer of my grandparent's home in rural Ontario.

The large extended family would come regularly for visits and drop off a photo or two. All the photos were put into the drawer. Over the years hundreds or thousands of photographs accumulated. These guys liked snap shots. There were even pictures on metal taken from the very beginnings of photography. There were pictures of far away places and pictures of people I did not know celebrating weddings, birthdays and other events. I do not know what happened to the pictures after Grandma and Grandpa passed away.

This is photo of my Uncle Tommy when he was a kid probably taken some time in the 1920's. It also shows my Grandpa who was Tommy's father, Grandpa's father and the father of my grandfather's father. He is the one seated with the cane. That is a lot of fathers.


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